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Calories Per Day

healthy living web Calories Per Day

Your body cannot function without a daily amount of calories. Most people have no idea how many calories their body needs in order to function properly and maintain a good weight at the same time. If you want to gain weight you must aim to eat more calories per day than you need and if you want to lose weight it’s obviously the other way around. The amount of daily calorie one needs is different depending on every individual’s personal needs. The number of calories you need can vary on such factors as physical activity level, weight, height, age, gender, lifestyle, etc.

The UK department of health has estimated an average requirement of 2550 cals per day for men and 1940 for women. Older people need fewer calories than younger people. Just make sure you use a good tool to find out the daily calorie intake that suits your individual needs. This way you can easily find out what amount of calories you need in a day to maintain, gain or lose weight. Keeping online exercise and food diaries is also highly recommended because it helps you know whether you’re on track. Estimate the amount of calories you need today!